Published: September 21, 2020

Monitoring of sustainability of shallow ground water resources for household irrigation

Shallow groundwater resources (SGWR) for household irrigation has been mapped in Ethiopia since 2013 with results being transferred to regions and Woredas for implementation. However, the challenge remains as there is no monitoring system of SGWR that documents potential negative decline of groundwater level caused by over pumping and/or deterioration in groundwater quality through increase of salinity.

The project aims to establish the first group of monitoring wells for SGWR by drilling of shallow monitoring wells, optimization of monitoring networks and training of experts in the region. This should accelerate future large-scale monitoring program and contribute to the sustainable agricultural development and climate change mitigation.

The project is implemented by AQUATEST a.s., a Czech company providing consulting and engineering services in the fields of water management, environmental protection, waste management and contaminated land remediation.


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Published: September 21, 2020


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Agricultural Transformation Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ( ATA )