Published: January 31, 2024

Rainwater as alternative source of water in Moldova

The kindergarten from Bilicenii Vechi is a representative example of many pre-school educational institutions from rural areas in Moldova. The very poor centralized water supply system and the scars availability of the phreatic waters, lead to poor sanitation in kindergartens.

Currently, there are 110 kids in this kindergarten, working 5 days a week, 9 hours a day. The kindergarten is situated in an area with limited access to running water, due to the rudimentary water supply system in the village. During the day, the water pressure can be so low as to not reach the kindergarten. Therefore, a metallic tank of 30m3 was installed, to store water during the night and use in the operating hours. 

Caritas partners with the Administration of Bilicenii Vechi Village. This project aims to improve the water availability in Vechi Village in Moldova by developing a simple and effective rainwater harvesting technology solution designed by the Czech Technical University’s experts. This pilot will serve as a model for other municipalities and stakeholders. By providing a technical model solution brochure and encouraging adoption, the project aligns with goals related to green development, sustainable communities, and disaster and climate resilience, contributing to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation.


Published: January 31, 2024





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