Published: January 10, 2020

Promotion of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Solutions in the Water and Civil Protection Sectors for Enhanced Rural Resilience

The objective of the project “Promotion of climate change and disaster risk reduction solutions in the water and civil protection sectors for enhanced rural resilience” is to support the Government of Moldova to establish 5 rescue and firefighting units in Pirlita (Ungheni district), Sarateni (Leova District), Baimaclia (Cantemir District), Drasliceni (Criuleni District), and Sarata-Galbena (Hincesti District). These units should have an intervention area from 6 to 17 neighbouring communities, serving approximately 58,714 people. The objective is to minimize the effect of increasing extreme climate threats causing water scarcity and consequent forest fires.

The tasks of the ICs include Czech and European practice sharing with the GIES, LPAs and UNDP project team, providing assistance to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and development of the concept on community-based rescue and firefighting units as part of the GIES countrywide system. In addition to that, the IC is also required to provide recommendation on the establishment of local rescue and firefighting teams and support the GIES, LPAs and the project team with recommendations and guidance on premises.


Final Report

Published: January 10, 2020


UNDP Country Office



Iva Brejzová, Štěpán Kavan, Petr Kupka, Petr Oslejsek