Published: January 30, 2020

Satellite Data and Communication Platform for Moldovan Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of economy in the Republic of Moldova. It contributes around 15 per cent towards the entire GDP and constitutes around 40 per cent of the total exported goods. Despite its volume, however, it is vulnerable to climate change, gaps in value chains and challenges surrounding effective state subsidies.

A vital solution to these issues is an improved satellite data utilization. The project supported by the Czech Republic in Moldova and carried out by Big Terra Alpha, a technological company providing solutions and services using satellite, climate, weather and crop data and models for the agriculture sector, has addressed precisely that. They have assessed the feasibility of satellite data utilization and are in the process of preparing the business model that would make provision of the services economically and environmentally sustainable. The finished platform will deliver the weather, land and climate data to small and medium size farmers in a user-friendly manner. The platform will not only help farmers improve the crop management, but also increase the yields and reduce the costs, all of which will bring about the long-term goal of Moldova: improved competitiveness and sustainable and climate resilient farming.

Big Terra is a startup incubated in the European Space Agency Business Incubator in Prague.


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Published: January 30, 2020


UNDP Country Office



Agriculture and rural development


Big Terra Alpha s.r.o.

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State Agrarian University of Moldova (SAUM)