Published: April 22, 2020

Smart City Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina face significant developmental constraints due to the lack of municipal income and prior indebtedness which limits the investment into infrastructure and services. Investments into a smart city, better governance through data and citizen engagement have largely remained an untouched topic and only a few municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have progressed in digitalization of the municipal governance.

The project has the objective of creating up to 10 data-enabled towns by setting up and maintaining a cloud-based municipal data platform, which will crowdsource data from citizens via a mobile application in a cost-effective manner. The platform will allow cities to set measurable targets through indicators and to communicate about them with citizens in an open manner while citizens can engage more actively and inclusively.

The project is led by Aspiro, a consulting company offering services in the area of city governance, digital strategy, and data driven management.


Final Report

SDGs relevant to the project:

Published: April 22, 2020

UNDP Country Office

Bosnia and Herzegovina


economic growth via innovative technology and/or Big Data usage



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