Published: January 30, 2020

Use of Alluvial Gravel for the Production of Lightweight, Expanded Construction Materials

The region of Kvareli in Georgia is faced with multiple issues related to the production of lightweight building materials. The traditionally used gravel and cement offer low thermal and noise isolation. At the same time, the annual spring thaw and torrential rains pose a high risk to Kvareli’s only bridge as the amount of the alluvium pushes against it. Isatech is aiming to use the alluvium as a lightweight building material for the residential and road construction where the traditional, heavier materials perform worse in this slope-landslip-affected area.

The Czech building production technology offers use of lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA), which are not only unique in Georgia and the neighbouring countries but also up to two thirds lighter and thermally insulating than the traditionally used materials.

The company is leading in the category of LECA material and has worked on multiple private sector and governmental projects in the region, including the safety project with the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority of the Czech Republic, evacuation plan for the buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, modeling of scenario effects for Oil Rafinery Pancevo in Serbia and multiple other safety related projects in the region.


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Published: January 30, 2020


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