6 Tips for Successful Project Execution and Completion

You have applied for the Challenge Fund: Czech Solution for SDGs and your application has been selected for implementation. What are the basic rules and best practices to execute and complete the project successfully? Look at the following tips!

1. Engage the local partners from the very start of the implementation, and keep them updated about all details. Do not forget to set up the clear labor division! Make the contract between you and the local partner, which may help in case misunderstandings and problems occur!

2. Keep in mind that the solution is prepared for the benefit of the local partners.  Engage them fully and properly, and give them a role during the decision-making process!

3. Keep everyone – local partners, Czech-UNDP Partnerships for SDGs manager(s), the Czech Embassy and the UNDP Country Office in the priority country – informed and updated!

4. Do you go on missions? Please, send us and the local stakeholders an email as soon as possible prior to the mission!

5. Manage your data and monitor progress weekly! Keep the reports short – but with a proper range of concrete and complete information! Do not forget to collect the visibility outcomes, i.e. pictures, articles, press releases.

6. When you hand over the project, keep track of the local partner satisfaction and share the lessons learned with the Czech-UNDP Partnerships for SDGs manager(s)!

Terms of Reference
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CFCS Project Final Report- Template
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