Part 2 – World Creativity and Innovation Day – progress of the current Challenge Fund projects

Today is the United Nation´s World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. In the second part of the introduction of the current Challenge Fund projects, we will introduce our projects in Moldova and Ethiopia. Enjoy!

Projects in Moldova

  • Public transport passenger information system in Chisinau: Currently there is no unified passenger information system in Chisinau. Herman systems will install LED information panels on trolleybus stops around the city. The main novelty is the real-time vehicle arrival time estimation using locally available and used data. This project can be easily replicated in other cities and further improve the public transportation system in Moldova. So far, analysis of the current system was implemented, data collection and their quality was checked and selection of LED panels locations and features was finalized. At the moment, the LED panels are being installed.
  • Unique modular camera system for inspection and maintenance of sewage networks in Moldova: Most of the existing sewage system in Moldova is outdated and in a bad condition. Recently it was decided to invest into maintaining of sewage networks and wastewater treatment. Proper equipment to inspect sewage network is needed, Boncom is the main company in Moldova involved in this work but needs the newest technology. That will be provided by the Czech innovator Zikmund electronics s.r.o. which will work with Boncom, provide their latest equipment and train their technicians who will carry on the tasks after the project ends. Until now, the selection of the equipment and the training content was approved and first suitable projects in Moldova were chosen. Currently, there is an ongoing training and first project is being implemented.
  • Advanced traffic video analytic system for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova: The Czech Innovator RCE Systems s.r.o. created a software that turns normal cameras into a more capable tool and this project will introduce the automated video analytics to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova. The main goal is to advance the current camera network from a simple CCTV system to a more sophisticated and automated solution detecting various situations happening on the road of Moldova. The project achieved until now to evaluate current camera network and its suitability for the AI systems for video analytics and customized the software to meet the local requirements. Currently the system is being installed on provided specified servers.
  • Automated parking system with integrated charger for electric vehicles (EV) in Chisinau: Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in Moldova, thus it is necessary to develop EV charging infrastructure. Green Centre s.r.o. will provide users opportunity to charge their vehicles during parking. So far, the final configuration of automated parking system and site survey was implemented together with the beginning of the first pilot project installation and purchase of components of the planned parking system.
  • Intelligent control system of public lighting in Ungheni: Project in Ungheni consists of implementation of an advanced control system “RadioControl”, which allows to control and monitor individual light points. It will increase the road safety for the city residents and it will be more cost-effective, reliable and easier to maintain than the current solution. This so far does not exist anywhere else in Moldova. DatmoLUX a.s. as the main implementer so far achieved to analyze existing system, select suitable locations and design the service SW/HW and is closely cooperating with the Municipality of Ungheni.
Projects in Ethiopia

  • Natural-based Wastewater Treatment Plans for the city of Hawassa: The main objective of this project is to introduce Czech technology from Holistic solutions s.r.o. of natural-based wastewater treatment plans to Ethiopia. The feasibility study is the expected result of the project. Technical analysis was conducted, data were collected during field visit and there was a strong capacity building with local partner to exchange the know-how.
  • LIAZ Exploration Technology: Locating the aquifers in the Somali Region: LIAZ Exploration will use its latest airborne exploration tools to locate sustainable deeper groundwater sources in one of the most drought-affected area. The project will assist the government in developing agricultural activities to access safe and clean drinking water. The project so far achieved to collect large volume of the hydro-geological data, areas with a high perspective of the presence of groundwater were defines and started with the localization of individual water pockets.
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