Published: November 26, 2019

Behavioural Science for Informed Policy Decision-making in Georgia

UNDP Georgia recognizes the potential of creating a network of researchers (and practitioners) for evidence-based policy research in Georgia within the context of current UNDP Georgia’s interventions. 

The engagement of the team of experts, which were complementing each other, was focused on establishing a sustainable facility for behavioural research and experimentation within the country by bringing together development actors such as the Public Service Development Agency, Innovation Service Lab, Innovation Hub of Rustavi City Hall, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, Techno park of Georgia, Impact Hub Tbilisi, City Institute Georgia (urban planning company), eSpace (a company dedicated to the popularization of e-mobility in Georgia), tech and scientific communities from academia, private sector, etc. 

The experts were charged also to contribute to UNDP Georgia’s ongoing work to design and implement a Randomized controlled trial (RCT) experiment in the area of bystander response to gender-based violence (GBV) by combining alternative data research (micro-narratives) and behavioural insights. 

This is very needed as in 2016, the Georgian emergency management center hotline received 18,163 calls on domestic conflict compared to 5,447 calls in 2013. These significant GBV figures are likely the tip of the iceberg; the societal and cultural stigma that condone ill-treatment of women, and structural issues often prevent women and girls from reporting. Many GBV interventions targeted the victims for prevention and response. However, the shift in the intervention is clearly crucial to tackle this “normalized”, issue  that is particularly by focusing on members of communities and bystanders who could intervene and potentially prevent the violence against women and girls. 


Behavioural Insights for Policy Interventions – Karla Koutková – Final Report

Narrative Study 2019 – Anna Hanchar

Published: November 26, 2019


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Karla Koutková, Anna Hanchar

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