Published: January 10, 2020

Care Provision Models

The objective of the project “Energy Efficient Technology for Rural Development “led by CARE Czech Republic is to develop a project proposal for two pilot day care centres in the UNJP target municipalities, targeting the elderly and/or persons with disabilities (PwDs). This work aims to serve as proof of concept for innovative models of day care provision at the municipal level and will be a basis for further implementation of the day care model.

The consultants‘ role is to transfer the knowledge and positive experience of the Czech social care sector. The experts will work alongside an International Policy Expert on Care Economy and provides an analysis of current legislative and analytical framework in Georgia. They will also propose a regulatory, legislative and investment initiatives to help redress the imbalance in unpaid domestic care work.


Deliverable 1: Mission Plan – Jana Válková

Deliverable 2: Mission Debrief – Jana Válková

Deliverable 4: Final Report – Jana Válková

Deliverable 6: Policy Proposal – Jana Válková

Proposal for Daycare Center In Khobi – Jan Říkovský

Proposal for Lanchkhuti Municipality, Guria – Jan Říkovský

Published: January 10, 2020


UNDP Country Office



Economic transformation and development


Jan Rikovsky, Jana Valkova

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