Published: December 5, 2022

Biogas for Sustainable Livelihoods and Green Youth Entrepreneurship

Charcoal is the main source of energy for cooking for over 90% of the Zambian population. Its production has been identified as the main driver of deforestation and land degradation in Zambia which has direct negative impacts on the climate. 

That is why University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague together with their local partner Hysper Enterprise implement project of Biogas production and by-product utilization. The digestate, which is a biogas production by-product, is fertilizer that contains all nutrients and micronutrients necessary for modern farming. The projected use of the digestate will minimize the land degrading Nomadic farming that is being practiced in most rural areas in Zambia. 

The main activity of this project is the establishment of pig production as a guaranteed source of raw material for the Biogas production. Hydroponic fodder for pig production will be produced from field crops that will be grown using the slurry and solid digestate. This is another potential opportunity for the youth to acquire skills and knowledge in effective pig production and crop production technologies from the Czech Republic. The biogas plant will also be training center for the community particularly youths to expand the idea.   

The youth will be trained by the Czech experts in Biogas production, biogas-based electricity production, efficient pig production practices, abattoir management and small scale meat processing. Training of local youths on how to construct, and maintain the bio-digester, will help in localizing the technology in rural households in Zambia.  


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Published: December 5, 2022





Sustainable management of natural resources


University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague




Hysper Enterprise (Youth-led Sme)