Published: December 19, 2022

Get It Sorted, data driven waste management and decision making system for Sarajevo

Waste management sector in Sarajevo Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina as whole are not up to the EU standards. KJKP RAD and Sarajevo Canton have the most capacity for improvement in the waste management sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To address this problem, Czech company T-Mapy together with their local partner Aantonalno Javno Komunalno Preduzeće “RAD” implements a project called Get It Sorted, data driven waste management and decision making system for Sarajevo

The goal of the project is to provide KJKP RAD a modern GIS solution as a basis for smart waste management and a tool to improve and upgrade its operation and planning. GIS is a very powerful tool for creating, managing, analyzing, and mapping all types of data. This improves communication and efficiency, improves management and decision making.

GIS for KJKP RAD will record the data of all waste container locations and will keep this data up-to-date and map current waste collection routes. The software solution is used to inform the general public about the location of collection niches, timetable of waste collection and provide other information of public interest.

This will have a huge potential for development impact as data management is the key for all successful data-driven operation planning and improvement. The GIS system can also serve as a basis for larger scale implementation of smart solutions and for smart city management.


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Published: December 19, 2022

UNDP Country Office

Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Aantonalno Javno Komunalno Preduzeće “RAD”