Published: December 16, 2022

Smart Destination Management and Innovative Digital Guide Infrastructure for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Republic of Moldova

Visa liberalization, the signing of the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova, as well as the efforts invested in the promotion of the country abroad were the key factors that made the tourism industry in Moldova becoming an important area to develop. This development was abrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

That is why Invest Moldova Agency in 2021 launched the campaign Moldova: a place to find yourself. The main objective of the campaign is to help the country keep up with new global trend, using modern tools, repositioning itself on the global market and proving its relevance as a tourist destination. Czech company Smart Guide will support this effort by modern digital solution, education of the partners in the travel industry and their experience from the global market. 

The ready-made Smart Guide platform enables tourist attractions, destinations and travel agencies to publish digital travel guides in days, with minimum budget and with much better quality and adoption. Besides guiding tourists independently, Smart Guide also provides municipalities with unique big data analytics and entire smart destination management solutions and an option to sell guides to make the solution self-financing and sustainable. 

Digital guide for the Republic of Moldova will accelerate the development of sustainable tourism in the country and prevent local destinations from re-inventing the wheel.  


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Published: December 16, 2022





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