AI, Challenge Fund, Ethiopia, road safety

Published: December 16, 2022

Safer Roads in Ethiopia Through Identification of High Risk Locations

According to the Global Road Safety Facility, WHO estimated more than 27.000 road accident fatalities in Ethiopia in 2016, which corresponds to 26,7 fatalities per 100.000 population. 

To produce positive road safety outcomes, strong management in all aspects of road safety is the key. Many cities have created and adopted urban mobility plans and strategies. However, the data used to inform these strategies often come from siloed sources and so helpful insights that could be used to inform traffic safety policy remain unlocked.  

That is why the Czech company InnoConnect together with their local partners G Andy Engineering Consult PLC and Addis Ababa City Administration Traffic Management Agency through Challenge Fund implement the project Safer roads in Ethiopia through identification of high risk locations. 

This project will develop an analytical traffic safety map (using GLayer technology) and dashboards focused on interactive analysis of traffic accident. The solution will  allow  to  perform  a  deep  analysis  of  traffic  safety to identify high-risk  locations and  to  get  in-depth  knowledge  of  factors  that  increase  risk  of  severe accidents. These data-driven insights will help decision makers of Addis Ababa at different levels of governance gaining important information to better design, implement and evaluate measures aimed at reducing road accidents. 

This solution contributes to the Ethiopian Development Challenge related to the Sustainable urbanization and Smart City technologies, including strategic benchmarking tools for economic growth via Big Data usage. 


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AI, Challenge Fund, Ethiopia, road safety

Published: December 16, 2022








40,000 USD


1) Addis Ababa City Administration Traffic Management Agency 2) G And Y Engineering Consult Plc