Published: December 16, 2022

First Steps Towards Development of Peer Work in Georgia

There are currently over 80 000 persons registered in State mental health services in Georgia, however it is estimated that the number of people who struggle with mental health problems and do not seek help is much higher.  

Czech NGO Center for Mental Health Care Development (CMHCD) together with their local partner Georgian Union “Partnership for Equal Rights” (PER) implements the Challenge Fund project Support of peer work in Georgia. 

Peer workers are people with lived experience of mental disorder and peer support is an innovative intervention  in  which  peers  offer  support  to  others  with  mental disorder in  social  services, psychiatric hospitals and other social and health facilities. 

According to the Georgian Mental Health Strategy 2022–2030 and Action plan 2020 –2024, peer work should be developed in at  least  10% of mental health services in the country by the end of 2024. However, Georgia doesn’t have expertise on  national  level  to  implement  this  specific  innovative  part  of  the  strategy,  and  in particular, does not have the appropriate training curriculums and trainers in place.  

This projects aims to not only train group  of  peer  workers  to  acquire  the  knowledge  and  skills necessary  to  enter  mental  health  services but also develop standard of peer work that frames the functioning of peer  workers  in  the  mental  health  care  system  in  the country. 


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Published: December 16, 2022





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