Published: September 10, 2020

Communicating Official Development Assistance- an Example of the Czech Republic


The research was done by David Klimeš, a leading Czech journalist and a Chief social economic commentator of the Czech media outlet Having an extensive experience in journalism and communication regarding economy, politics and development, he also acts as a Lecturer of Communication, Marketing and Social Sciences at the Charles University in Prague and has authored several publications including the biography of the founder of the Czech NGO People in Need Šimon Pánek or a book about info entertainment “How entertaining it is to inform”. Moreover, David has worked on a number of projects under the transformation cooperation umbrella, such as training of journalists in Cuba or workshops on media literacy in Belarus.  In 2018, he was awarded the Karel Havlíček Borovský prize- the most prestigious award for journalism and publishing- and the Journalism Award 2018.


According to 2020 Czech-UNDP Partnership Project Board decision, a more strategic way to handle the partnership should be developed in order to ensure better visibility of the project domestically and abroad.

With the aim to improve communication strategy and subsequent visibility and public perception of public on the issue, the project aims to elaborate based on the research of the Czech media space, set of recommendation for communication strategy of the CUP that can be in more general way used for the Czech ODA communication to domestic audience. It addresses the situation of ODA communication in the Czech Republic in the current political and economic context including how successfully the used narrative address audience interest, the capacity of relevant stakeholders to catch wider audience attention via existing channels as well as way forward how to establish efficient ODA communication.

The research was presented during the third session of the NDP/OECD ODA Learning Series 2020.

Final research

Published: September 10, 2020


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