Published: September 22, 2020

Dynamic Traffic Control and Intersection Coordination in the City of Chisinau

The City of Chisinau has engaged on the path to become a smart, sustainable and green city. Currently there are 186 traffic lights intersections in the city which are still largely equipped with old Soviet traffic lights controllers without advanced functionalities. They are not coordinated and they do not adapt to actual traffic level, despite the number of cars and traffic volume in Chisinau increasing and during peak hours causing congestions on numerous intersections. The existing old traffic control system is not able to tackle them.

The project consists of implementing modern dynamic traffic control system with traffic signal plans that continuously adapt to detected actual traffic level together with intersection coordination at two first selected intersections in Chisinau and up-to-date traffic control software. As a pilot project, it serves for training of involved collaborators of the City of Chisinau and the municipal company Lumteh for the use of modern traffic control technologies and for evaluating the impact that the implementation of modern traffic technologies on larger scale would have in Chisinau. The project shall set up a basis for modern urban traffic control in Chisinau allowing to add further functionalities in the future such as priority of public transport and emergency vehicles at intersections.

The project is implemented by CROSS Zlín, a Czech company working in the field of smart cities focused on traffic control, road weather and parking systems.


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Published: September 22, 2020


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