Published: September 22, 2020

ITS platform of state road administration in Moldova

State-owned enterprise State Road Administration of Moldova is responsible for the maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, development, upgrading and administration of national public roads in Moldova and for corresponding road infrastructure. Currently, an extensive national road rehabilitation program is underway with support of international financial institutions – mainly EIB and EBRD. State Road Administration has already started implementing some intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies on its road network and the Czech Republic is assisting it in these efforts.

The project consists of developing and implementing innovative ITS platform for State Road Administration of Moldova, which integrates selected intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies and data. With the ITS platform, State Road Administration shall receive a new and innovative technological solution – a powerful tool that that enables it to effectively manage different resources and activities. Selected technologies and data sources shall be integrated into one comprehensive platform fully benefiting from synergies between individual systems and data, sharing information between them in a structured way and assuring interoperability.

The project is managed by INCINITY, a Czech company working on software for smart cities and transportation.



Final Report

Published: September 22, 2020


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