Published: August 4, 2023

Unique Modular HD Camera System For Inspection And Maintenance Of Sewage Networks

The project consists in supply of innovative equipment – HD modular camera inspection system to
municipal company Batumis Tskali and provision of training for inspection and maintenance of
sewage network.

The uniqueness of new HD camera inspection system of Zikmund electronics lies in the fact that it
combines the highest Full HD image quality with modularity that allows selection of different
modules according to identified needs, future upgrading and even possibility to build-in later on the
system in an inspection vehicle.

Introduction of Zikmund electronics HD modular camera inspection systems will help Batumis Tskali
with detection and rehabilitation of damaged sewage pipelines (and by that prevent contamination
of areas outside of pipes and situations creating possible health problems), contribute to reduce
water losses from pipelines and check the quality of work of subcontractors building new pipelines
and repairing old ones. It can also contribute to mapping of the sewage network and import of data
to GIS system. New equipment will create new skilled work places in the municipal company.

The final target beneficiaries of the project – citizens of the Batumi as well as private businesses and
visitors of the city will benefit from improved water and sewage conditions (that can also affect the
health of the population). It may also have a positive impact on the price of public utility services
due to better condition of pipelines and reduction of losses (better quality of services).


Published: August 4, 2023





Decent work and economic growth


Zikmund Electronics s.r.o.


40,000 USD


Batumis Tskali LLC