Published: September 21, 2020

Introducing the Model of Hybrid Solar Driers for Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and NTFPs

In Georgia, natural sun drying is one of the most common ways to conserve agricultural products. Cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables and spices are spread on the ground to be dried by the sun and wind. While drying, these products are neither protected against dust and rain nor against rodents, birds, and insects. To meet the food requirements of the population and moreover to improve the quality of products for sales and export, it is necessary to develop suitable methods of drying.

The project follows on joint efforts and knowledge-exchange of Czech experts and Georgian rural organizations and communities and integrates innovative and energy-efficient ecological and sustainable technology to process and preserve the harvested crop. The project is expanding the use of new energy efficient technology by introducing the model of Hybrid Solar Fruit, Berries &Vegetable Driers for generating new income opportunities for the rural population with focus on women farmers contributing to the improvement of quality of products for sales and increased income for the local population resulting in improvement in the quality of life.

The project is led by CARE Czech Republic, a major international humanitarian agency delivering emergency relief and long-term international development projects.


Project presentation (video)

Published: September 21, 2020


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Sustainable management of natural resources


CARE Czech Republic, z.s.

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Rural Communities Development Agency / Agricultural Cooperative Development Fund