Published: April 22, 2020

Transfer of Modern Beekeeping Tools and Know-How in Georgia

One of the biggest challenges of beekeepers in this day and age is Varroa mite, a parasite that is the main cause of bees’ mortality in the world. Despite the fact that beekeepers are using pesticides and acids to fight the Varroa mites, the chemicals used are becoming increasingly ineffective as the parasite has developed resistance towards them.

The project presents a Thermosolar Hive- an invention based on thermotherapy, which provides an alternative to the chemical treatment, is environmentally sustainable and more effective against the mites than other measures. Without harming the bees, brood or honeycombs, the Hive utilizes sunshine to heat the bee colony and destroy Varroa mites, which are sensitive to the increased temperature. The innovation should increase honey production by 20-50% and bring marketing advantage to beekeepers as their honey will be free of chemicals and produced more sustainably.

The project has been led by Apis Innovation and its personnel experienced in beekeeping project management.


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Published: April 22, 2020


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