Published: September 20, 2021

Public transport passenger information system in Chisinau

The City of Chisinau has engaged on the path to become a smart, sustainable and green city. Currently, there is no unified passenger information system in Chisinau. This project, led by Herman systems will install LED information panels on trolleybus stops around the city. The main novelty is the real-time vehicle arrival time estimation using locally available and used data. The system can thus be easily scaled up in Chisinau and replicated in other cities in Moldova and the region. This project and data created by the software implemented will also create a basis for future solutions such as possible mobile application for public transport users.

Through this project, public transport in Chisinau will become more attractive for passengers. Travelling will be more convenient by getting timely information about departures. This project is therefore a pilot in this rapidly growing field of public transport in Moldova. The passengers can also be informed about irregularities in transport operation and can make their decisions accordingly.

In addition, the presented pilot system creates a necessary step for another modern way of passenger information – a mobile application. As the estimated departure times will be available, it is quite easy to consume this information in a mobile application.

Published: September 20, 2021





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