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Published: July 21, 2021

Supporting Green Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutjeska, the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), annually attracts over 100,000 visitors who come to see the cultural and historical heritage in Tjentište, the Perućica rainforest or to conquer the highest peak of the country Maglić. In 2020, tourism in BiH was greatly affected by the travel restriction caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The the EoD assignment “Supporting Green Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” consisted of bringing well-known traveller and an artist to several attractive locations in BiH to produce travel-related content for their social media and other public channels, to attract more visitors and support local economy.

Tadeas Sima is a well-known traveller with an active follower base on his Instagram and Facebook. He also frequently joins radio shows and speaks at public events. Documenting his travel experience through photography and storytelling enabled his Czech-based followers to learn about the Sutjeska National Park and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second expert, Adam Kaspar, graduated at the Martin Mainer’s Painting Studio IV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His dominant theme is nature. He captures it in a meticulous, realistic technique. The painting itself is preceded by a series of preparatory sketches, photographs and systematic observation, yet his approach is nothing but documentary. (Instagram)

The collaboration of the two helped to bring the Sutjeska National Park and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the spotlight and to the attention of Czech citizens. Additionally, the EoD intervention supports the achievements of Digitization of Tourism Content in Sutjeska National Park project, which CUP supported in the 2020 Challenge Fund.



Bosnia and Herzegovina - EoD - Tourism

Published: July 21, 2021


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