Published: April 27, 2020

Transferring Best Practices for Piloting of Energy Cooperatives in Moldova

The electricity sector of Moldova is fully dependent on external energy sources both electricity and gas wise. Only around 25% of primary energy consumption is supplied through indigenous resources, 98% of which is biomass that is mostly used for heating purposes in rural areas. Renewable energy can be one solution to tackle the energy challenges of Moldova, with the energy cooperatives having a transformative impact on the whole Moldovan power sector.

The overall scope of the project is to investigate the best practices of innovative business models focused on distributed energy systems in Czechia and West European countries and to test the best ways to replicate them in Moldova. The project aims to analyse the energy policy, regulatory and energy market landscape in Moldova in order to pilot and harness the benefits of energy cooperatives in the country that could lead to lower energy imports, lower debts and more transparency and control over its energy resources.


International (West EU) Models of Cooperatives and Case Studies Report

Published: April 27, 2020


UNDP Country Office



Environment and energy cluster


Jan Klusák, Carlo Tacconelli

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