Published: September 22, 2020

Youth Community Centre in Mongu, Zambia

The youth bulge – a demographic pattern where a large share of the population is comprised of children and young adults – is a common phenomenon in many developing countries. Zambia ranks among the poorest countries in the world and is experiencing the youth bulge by having 46% of its population younger than 15 years of age. For this very reason, it is essential to focus on the young to secure their healthy grow, education and the sense of community.

The goal of this project is to create a skatepark in the city which shall provide a safe environment for the kids to gather, spend their free time, and also with the help of local volunteers from We Skate Mongu, educate themselves on life issues (such as money literacy, sexual education, drug prevention etc.). The project uses skateboarding as a sports discipline supporting common efforts and erasing any differences in age, race, and religion.

The project is led by Skate World Better, a Czech non-profit organization focused on youth in developing countries.


Skate World Better press release (CZ)

Press Release (EN)

Final Report

Visual materials:

Grand Opening in Mongu (youtube link)

Diamond TV Zambia – Skate World Better in Mongu


Published: September 22, 2020


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