SDG 12

  1. 2020 ET           Monitoring of sustainability of shallow ground water resources for household irrigation                 AQUATEST a.s.
  2. 2020 MD         Ecological product innovation lab at the Moldovan Agrifood Business Incubator   University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  3. 2019 fall MD         Scale-Up of The Innovative Use of Hospital Waste as Source of Energy       EVECO
  4. 2019 spring Ge           Preparation of Feasibility Study on the Potential for Using of Construction and Demolition Waste in Georgia       ERC-TECH a.s.
  5. 2018 BiH         Upcycling Challenge        Nadace Veronika
  6. 2018 Ge           Development of sustainable waste management system in Pshav-Khevsureti protected                Charita
  7. 2018 Ge           Waste Development Plan – Independent recycling community in Kazbegi region    Enviros