Published: September 20, 2021

Advanced traffic video analytic system for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova

Just like in about every country in the world, authorities such as the Police and Municipalities in Moldova use security cameras installed in various locations alongside roads to improve the road safety. These cameras usually continuously record what’s happening via a centralized video recorder. This way does not allow deeper analysis of the traffic and requires further investments to additional tools to deliver detailed information. The Czech innovator RCE Systems s.r.o. created a software that turns normal cameras into a more capable tool.

This project will introduce the automated video analytics to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova. This AI-based solution will improve the capabilities of Moldovan authorities, it can contribute to better safety, and it can also be used to improve traffic flows based on the gathered data. With RCE’s software, a single camera view can behave as wrong way driving detector, cyclist counter, U-turn detector, red light running detector, vehicle counter and classifier, and traffic jam detector within one user interface.

This software solution is cheaper than installing new network of cameras and it is very simple to sustain and scale-up because it allows easy addition of new cameras and more capable hardware.


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Published: September 20, 2021





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Information Technology Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova