Published: November 20, 2020

Connecting Zambian Small and Medium-sized Agricultural Centers to Global Value Chains with the special focus on Cassava Planting and Processing

Agriculture is crucial for Zambia’s GDP. Currently, however, the potential of crop production, especially of the cassava plant, is largely untapped and works only at a basic level. The core of the problem lies in the lack of know-how and skills of relevant stakeholders in areas of sustainable agricultural cultivation and agribusiness skills like product promotion, support of value chain to assure stable entrance to local, national and international markets, financial feasibility and planning and increase in competitiveness of agricultural centres by including added value to the product.

To overcome the barriers, this project aims to mediate the knowledge, know-how and skills of Czech experts in the key areas of agribusiness methods to Zambian parties. By knowledge transfer, peer-to-peer consultancies and panel discussion, the target groups will be able to support rural development at places where it is most needed, increase the competitiveness of local agricultural centres and apply gained knowledge in the strategic plans in cassava cultivation to assure its long-term growth.

The project is implemented by the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic



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Published: November 20, 2020


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