Published: November 20, 2020

Creating a low-cost eyeglasses distribution network in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, given the rate of population expansion, population and changes to lifestyle leading to a higher prevalence of myopia, many Ethiopians in poor communities currently lack access to even basic vision care. There are currently only 150 ophthalmologists in the whole country, roughly 1 ophthalmologist per 700,000 people. Hence new distribution channels are needed to deliver at least basic vision care such as glasses to correct refractive errors to the poor Ethiopians.

The key innovation of DOT Glasses is democratizing access to vision care. To support entrepreneurship and create jobs, the project plans to leverage and expand existing non-vision care distribution networks to test vision and dispense glasses –be it last-mile retailers, healthcare clinics, or community extension workers. to create a sustainable value chain s while delivering the needed basic vision care in Ethiopia.

The project is led by DOT Glasses, a Czech social startup which markets low-cost adjustable glasses using non-vision care networks in developing countries.


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Published: November 20, 2020


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