Published: December 19, 2022

Interlocking Bricks for Kashitu

Kashitu is a rural Zambian area of in Central Province with 18.000 inhabitants. With $4.200 GDP (2019) and limited access to construction materials, most people in the Zambian countryside cannot afford the construction of households or small shops.

Czech Technical University in Prague together with their local partner New Renato Community Society introduce a manual brick-press machine together with improved unburnt brick production technology to the region. Proven technology of high-quality and durable construction material, that is easy to use for everyone and at a reasonable cost, is an opportunity to promote successful construction development and encourage small businesses.

This building technology improves traditional brick production to high-quality bricks with interlocking features in the shape similar to toy bricks. This system provides easy manipulation and a simple building process. Locals will be provided with training courses finished with the construction of the model building using unburnt brick technology.

Brick-machines will bring a great alternative in the field of the building materials for the local community. Compared to traditional bricks, the presented bricks are stable in their dimensions, stronger, more durable, and do not need to be burnt. At the same time, the entire production process is significantly faster. The shared know-how of locals and Czech Technical University has a strong potential to improve upon traditional technology and bring a wide range of business opportunities.


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Published: December 19, 2022





Decent work and economic growth


Czech Technical University in Prague


40,000 USD


New Renato Community Society