SDG 13

  1. 2020 MD         Use of carbon trade revenue for residential building energy efficiency                 BEZK, z.s.
  2. 2020 BiH         Computer Vision Flood Forecasting using Remotely Sensed Data GISAT, s.r.o.
  3. 2019 fall BiH         Quantifying Real Time Rainfall Intensity  AQUA PRO CON
  4. 2019 fall BiH         Transfer of Modern Methods in Beekeeping          VCELIN
  5. 2019 fall Ge           Modern Beekeeping Tools and Know-How Transfer            APIS
  6. 2019 spring BiH         Green City Action Plan – Mrkonjic Grad    Enviros
  7. 2018 BiH         Local early flash flood warning system for basin Ričina      EZ Hydroinformatics
  8. 2018 MD         Implementation of road weather system in the Republic of Moldova         Cross Zlin