Smart is efficient and efficient is smart: Increasing energy efficiency of public buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EPDOR is a consulting company focused on the energy industry, whose primary focus lies in innovation, smart technologies and green solutions that can be applied in the energy field. In autumn 2019, EPDOR succeeded in the Challenge Fund Call for Proposals with their project on “Transformation Towards Energy-Efficient and Smart Buildings“ and is currently implementing their innovative solution of increasing energy efficiency of public buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why is your project relevant to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) has vast energy resources and is one of the few countries in the Balkans that exports electricity. For a country with an energy-inefficient building sector and opportunity of innovative approaches for systematic improvements, our project can provide Bosnia and Herzegovina’s governmental institutions with potential technical support and steering towards the transformation of old and energy inefficient buildings to energy-efficient and smart buildings that can be the pillars of green and smart cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is the main goal of your “Transformation Towards Energy Efficient and Smart Buildings“ project?

In the context of rapid technological progress and increasingly restrictive environmental policies, the project aims to highlight the potential of innovative technologies, which can drive a much-needed energy transformation on the path to sustainability. It promotes the capacity-building of local authorities and develops guidelines for utilizing the potential of innovative and smart technologies in public buildings.

Perceiving the public authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina as potential ambassadors of energy transformation and technological innovation, the project introduces them to a coherent concept of an energy-efficient and smart public building while providing them with best practices from abroad regarding funding and promotion of such innovative endeavours and utilization of modern accessible technologies.

What is the expected outcome of your project?

The project will produce a blueprint, outlining the benefits and possibilities of a step-by-step process towards energy transformation and application of innovative technologies. Representatives of the authorities, as well as other stakeholders, will be on board throughout the project to ensure the blueprint is tailored-made and maximally responsive to the Bosnian context. An integral part of the blueprint will be a case study, where a public building will be selected for an analysis and design implementation of the selected innovative technologies (such as IoT sensors, a smart photovoltaic system with battery storage, electromobility infrastructure etc.) as well as for an energy efficiency assessment conducted by a drone technology with a thermal-mounted camera.Secondly, the project will produce a strategic document detailing the most suitable incentivizing strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina and assess the potential for a scale-up. The former will utilize experiences and best practices from the Czech Republic regarding effective incentivization of such transformation and the latter will showcase the most desirable way forward.

The first document will be made to support local governments as the target group of the project, in the implementation of energy efficiency measures and smart solutions in the building sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The second document is intended to support the Bosnian government structures in deciding the shape and form of support provided to the concept of energy-efficient and smart government buildings.