• 2023 Challenge Fund is open!

    We are happy to announce that the 2023 Call for Proposals for the Challenge Fund of the Czech-UNDP Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals is now open. 

    The objective of the Challenge Fund: Czech solutions for SDGs  is to facilitate transfer of Czech know-how and innovative solutions that would address development challenges and contribute to the achievement of SDGs in six priority countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina,…

  • December 11: World Mountain Day and Czech solutions for SDGs

    The theme of this year's International Mountain Day (IMD) is sustainable mountain tourism. From the promotion of Green Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina to drafting waste management and Disaster Risk Reduction plans in Georgia, several CUP projects share the common interest and passion about mountains, their exploration and protection.
  • Czech geological expertise improves water management in Ethiopia

    Working in cooperation with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), AQUATEST recently completed their project of Mapping shallow groundwater resources (SGWR) for household irrigation by developing Ethiopia’s first ever set of monitoring wells. With funding provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the Czech-UNDP Partnership’s Challenge Fund brings innovative solutions from the Czech Republic.
  • UN World Youth Skills Day and the Challenge Fund

    The UN has declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. CUP’s Challenge Fund has supported several initiatives that help young people develop their skills and reach their career goals.

    The Upcycling Challenge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This year is…

  • Challenge Fund 2020: helping with debt issues in Georgia and building a skatepark in Zambia

    Since 2018, the Czech-UNDP Partnership for SDGs’ (CUP) Challenge Fund helps to facilitate transfer of Czech know-how and innovative solutions that address development challenges and contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in six priority countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Georgia, Cambodia, Moldova and Zambia. Let’s look at some of the last year’s achievements. Will be 2021/22 round again so diverse, and what are the priorities of 2021 call for applications?
  • Experts: The COVID-19 Pandemic puts the need for effective hospital waste treatment to the foreground

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Czech innovator Damaris Solutions works with Dr. Abdulah Nakas hospital in Sarajevo and University Clinical Hospital of Mostar, to develop a feasibility study of effective hospital waste treatment in local hospitals. The Effective Hospital Waste Treatment Project is a part of the Czech-UNDP’s Challenge Fund initiative. To learn more about the project, we were joined by Dan Kotas, Marek Filip and Marek Šarlej from the Czech Innovator Damaris Solutions.