1. 2021 GE           Sustainable tea in Guria Petr Sic
  2. 2021 MD         Automated parking system with integrated charger for electric vehicles in Chisinau                Green Center s.r.o.
  3. 2020 MD         Turning wine waste into profit: possibilities of the Moldavian wine industry            Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  4. 2020 BiH        Effective Hospital Waste Treatment               Damaris Solutions s.r.o.
  5. 2020 Ge           Methodology for the area assessment in terms of debris flow hazard using innovative technology          Czech Geological Survey Georgia
  6. 2019 BiH         Smart City Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Bosnia And Herzegovina        ASPIRO
  7. 2019 BiH         Bim Implementation in BiH           UNMZ
  8. 2019 Ge           Across – Innovative Urban Support Scheme           MEPCO
  9. 2019 Ge           Check photo And Checkgis-3d Documentation on Underground Utilities   CHECKTERRA
  10. 2019 Ge           Use of Alluvial Gravel for the Production of Lightweight, Expanded Construction Materials             Isatech
  11. 2018 BiH         Introduction of smart city platform to effectively manage resources in the City of Tuzla                Incinity