1. 2022 BiH         Get It Sorted, data driven waste management and decision making system for Sarajevo    T-MAPY
  2. 2022 Ge           Road Asset Management system using AI for Georgia        Vision Craft
  3. 2022 MD         Transfer of the new know-how and modern beekeeping methods for sustainable, ecological and economical beekeeping         Apis
  4. 2022 MD         Smart Destination Management and Innovative Digital Guide Infrastructure for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Republic of Moldova             SmartGuide
  5. 2022 ET           Smart Technology Transfer for Ethiopia   UNICO
  6. 2020 CA          Initiation of Production of Czech Innovative Solar Dryers in Cambodia to Support the Export of Cambodian Agricultural Products to the EU           Mendelova Univerzita v Brně
  7. 2020 Ge           ai for Georgia CZ, s.r.o.
  8. 2020 Za           Connecting Zambian Small and Medium-sized Agricultural Centers to Global Value Chains – with the special focus on Cassava Planting and Processing              Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts
  9. 2019 fall BiH         Herd Book Maintenance for Income Diversification of Dairy Farmers          GEOTEST
  10. 2019 fall BiH         Emergency Preparedness and Response EGO ZLIN
  11. 2019 fall BiH         Digitization of Turism Content in Sutjaska National Park   SMART GUIDE
  12. 2019 fall Ge           Tea Development in Guria             PETR SIC
  13. 2019 fall MD         Strategic benchmarking for local economic development in Moldova        CIEM
  14. 2019 spring MD         Satellite data and communication platform for Moldovan agriculture         Big Terra Alpha